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Passionate About Inspiring Others

With a family history of type II diabetes, obesity and premature death I learned first hand that dumbbells and treadmills alone are not the answer to the world's health and wellness problems. One day at a family b-b-q my father said son, “someday this will be you(referring to being overweight).” At 5’10” tall carrying over 260 pounds I was was on a path to Type 2 Diabetes, obesity(I was already there) and possibly premature death.

I thought to myself “NO!” Literally, the next day I went to the local shelter and pick out my future running partner, a black lab named Philly. That afternoon Philly and I began to walk/run together. In just a matter of steps my heart rate monitor began beeping at me and in a few more steps I took it off and threw it on the ground with a few choice words. With a why so big to change my stars I didn’t stop. I couldn't stop. I had to dream big, dream often and dream out loud because anything is possible with your health.


Fast forward I now carry about 185-190 pounds on my 5’10’ frame, but even more importantly I can dream big, dream often and dream out loud through daily personal development, attention to my physical fitness, nutrition, overall health and happiness.


Today my mission is o make healthy the norm! 

More About Dane
  • Certified by Texas State Board for Teacher Certification in Physical Education, Health & Special Education

  • Adjunct professor, Texas Lutheran University

  • Adjunct professor, San Antonio Center – Concordia University

  • San Antonio Fitness Expert –

  • Ambassador – It’s Time Texas

  • Team Beachbody Coach