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Trainer Dane
Oct 9, 2018

A song in my heart


Edited: Oct 9, 2018

Sitting here finishing up episode 3 of my podcast, Think and Be Fit, 10 Life Lessons from my dog, Dodger with the song Hold on Tight playing and listening intently.


[Verse 1]

I've been selling my name

For the sake of who knows

I've been trying to explain

How it's all gonna go

I don't take my life for granted

I've been waking up tight, day after day

Hope is taking its time to go my way


But I don't take my life for granted

I'm gonna hold on tight to what I've been handed

[Verse 2]

I'll try not to complain

About the things I have lost

'Cause when you have something great

That just means there's a greater loss

So when you look at yourself, tell me who do you see?

Is it the person you been or the person that you're gonna be?


Don't take your life for granted

Don't take your life for granted

Why don't you hold on tight to what you've been handed


Don't take your life for granted

Don't take your life for granted

Don't take your life for granted

Why don't you hold on tight to what you've been handed

'Cause you just don't know how long you will have it



New Posts
  • Trainer Dane
    Apr 30, 2018

    What?!? How can staying fit you help you fulfill your dreams? It’s simple. For me, as a professional lifestyle wellness coach and owner of a fitness company, it’s clear as day. But for you making the connection to your dreams may seem a bit of a stretch. But work with me for a moment. Consider that 60% of Americans don’t get enough activity right now and 25% are completely inactive. As in no exercise at all . Plus, nearly 70% of all Americans are either overweight or obese. Okay, enough of the scary statistics and more about how fitness can help live, love and dream more like: More energy Exercising regularly does give you more energy. Being fit results in a healthier cardiovascular system, meaning your heart will work less pumping blood around your body. More energy means you will have more fuel in the tank to make more sales. Positive attitude People like to be around others who project a positive outlook. Getting into shape and working out regularly forces your body to release endorphins, which are those ‘feel-good’ chemicals your body experiences after a workout. Anybody who runs regularly knows what a ‘runner’s high’ is like. It’s hard to imagine having a regular dose of endorphins flowing through your veins leading to more home sales but if you feel healthy and have energy you will naturally attract the attention of family, friends and customers. Fewer sick days According to a Gallup Poll in 2011, obese and high-risk Americans missed 450 million days of work, amounting to a total economic impact of $143 billion. That’s a huge hit to the bottom-line, and for real estate agents, who are 100% responsible for bringing in new sales, it can be especially harmful. When you get into shape, your body is better able to fight off common illnesses, not to mention you are far less likely to suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Reduced stress Next time you’re feeling stressed on the job, try exercising. According to the American Psychological Association, 62% of adults who exercise or walk to manage their stress say the technique is extremely effective. Virtually all forms of exercise can act as a stress reliever due to the endorphins they produce, and when you’re full of endorphins your mind is distracted from all outside stressors. The effects of working out also results in improved sleep, which leads to less stress and a healthier mind. A clear, healthy mind is exactly what you need to go into a sale stress-free. Improve self-confidence It’s a known fact that confidence is the key to success, and one way to build that confidence is by staying fit. Exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment, making you feel good about yourself and improving your self-esteem. When you’re feeling your best, you have more confidence in yourself and your abilities and will naturally attract others. The benefits of staying fit and exercising are endless. If you have any tips on how exercising helps you live your dreams  I’d love to hear from you. Please post your comments in the section below. Dane Boyle Fitness is located in New Braunfels, Texas, but has expanded it's reach by adding online Lifestyle Wellness Coaching to its offerings.   To learn more, like, comment or share this post.
  • Trainer Dane
    Apr 22, 2018

    Sunday’s are a day of reflection for me. Whenever possible I slow down, review the past week and look forward to the week ahead. Today I am choosing to spend the day with Tonya Boyle. We didn’t even set an alarm today. That doesn’t happen often. We sipped coffee together and watched Texas Country Reporter in bed(this our slow down Sunday show). T and I made breakfast together. Man, do I love being in the kitchen together. We will do our usual household chores. We will head to the grocery store. We will make time to enjoy the warmth of the sun on our skin together. I will spend sometime on my computer writing and preparing life coaching plans for Dane Boyle Fitness Champions near and far. I will stop and thank God that I have my health, but most importantly I have slowed down to fill my cup. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Dad thank you for teaching me to love, for showing me that dreams truly don’t have an expiration date. I think the most important lesson and the legacy you left inside your son was a love for people and reminding me daily to tell those I love that I love them. You bought Rod Stewart’s, You’re in my heart, for Mom when I was in elementary school and it has forever left a stamp on my heart ❤️. I played it for Tonya today. Miss ya dad, but know everyday I wake up and try to live the life you taught me to live. Miss ya dad.
  • Trainer Dane
    Mar 29, 2018

    3 questions to ponder: 1. What would you do in life if money wasn’t an issue? 2. What would do if you had 5 years to live and money wasn’t an issue? 3. What regrets would you have if you had 24 hours to live? What would your life look like? Comments welcome.