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THink & Be Fit

Mindset + Fitness + Nutrition + Community


Dream big, dream often, and dream out loud


What is it like working with TRAINER Dane? 

Wake up & be amaZing with Trainer Dane as he combines Life Coaching, Mindset and Fitness to remind you that trainers were not put on this earth to count for you. They were put on this earth to remind that you already know how to count!


Trainer Dane’s mission is to make healthy the norm!


Dumbbells and treadmills alone are not the answer to the world's health and wellness problems.  If they were, the world would all be healthy and well.

As a life coach and personal trainer, I truly care about your success. Through positive coaching I will guide you to a healthier lifestyle and will not stop there. I will help you sustain that lifestyle. My focus is to guide you through defining your mission and purpose in this life. 

Remember this life isn't practice. We only have one life, shouldn't we live it well? That's why my passion is to help you reach your full ability and purpose. 

I can assist you through one-to-one coaching, group coaching, or virtual coaching. We have something for every schedule. Location doesn't have to be a barrier

Trainer Dane's Podcast Think and Be Fit

Everyday is a great day! how to wake up & be amazing!

Wake up with purpose
Have an attitude of gratitude
Dream big, dream often, dream out loud
Never waste a heartbeat
The biggest challenge we face is ourselves. When we begin to think long-term we learn that somedays are harder than others and we begin
to learn that it's in the doing that success comes.

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What People Say


I cannot imagine a fitness professional more dedicated to improving the lives of others than Dane Boyle. His compassion and energy shine through in all his efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles. Whether it’s one person at a time or on a larger scale, Dane shares his knowledge of and enthusiasm for helping people understand how being active, eating well, and living life to its fullest can bring about positive changes that last a lifetime.


Even over 900 miles away…thank you DB for keeping me going. Being part of the health, wellness and fitness coaching online is keeping me going. Accountability, motivation, and education. Dane and his team have helped me create a REALISTIC goal, and helped me break it down to actually appear achievable. I’m proud to be able to use this program even so far away. Cant wait to continue to share my progress…the results are already showing and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks again DB and team!


#DANEish is an understatement. Dane takes development to a different level. If you are considering your options in working towards a goal you def want the guidance from the compassionate and committed, Dane is that guy. Dane is the guy in your corner when nobody is watching and that is when it matters.


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