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Think positively. Move more. Eat better. Feel amaZing. Stay inspired with the latest content, course and event information to empower your journey.

Imagine being in a room with winners who are thinking positively, moving more, eating better and feeling amaZing.  Imagine having a community based on conscious choices for better health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Imagine a community where you feel seen, where you feel heard and where your goals are supported.  If you have been dreaming of a community of like minded and big hearted visionary people, this group is for YOU!  We have been very intentional in creating these experiences for you virtually and manifesting a group of positivity and support.  You are not alone and we are here for you!

There are a number of life circumstances that bring us to this intersection of comparing who we see in the mirror and who we once dreamed we could be.

  • Empty nest
  • Divorce
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Financial struggles
  • Our 40’s
  • Our 50’s
  • Illness
  • Disappointments
  • Boredom
  • Career change
  • Relationship issues
  • Fear
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Personal growth
  • Family relationships
  • Improve mindset
  • Seeking positivity

Dreams don’t have an expiration date! #DANEish

I had an epiphany...

Writing and talking fitness can be boring and I think that sometimes I just sound like Charlie Brown's parents. What is interesting is why living a fit life is important to me. Why now it’s more important than ever. 

One night several years ago a I threw out an idea to start about redesigning fitness. Why not? Is just doing pushups enough? Can you use fitness as a cornerstone for change? Absolutely! 

There are billions of people in the world, but what those billions haven’t done is experienced life in the way you have. No one has and no one ever will. That gives you a unique perspective on, life, health, love, dreams and oh so much more.

It’s time for you to dream big, dream often and dream out loud while being reminded that dreams don't have an expiration date!

In many ways the women in my life are just like you. I They have made poor decisions. They have made good decisions. They leave clothes on the floor when the laundry basket is only a few feet away. They don't call their mom as much as they should. They don’t always want to exercise. They drink to much coffee (not sure that is really possible). They don’t tell those they love that they love them enough. They don’t have the type of relationship they dreamed of with their children. They wonder if this is as good as it gets. They have forgotten how to dream. When asked to name 10 things they love they don't name themselves. 

I want all the women in my life, including you to be strong, be confident, know that their worth isn't based on their dress size. I want them to know they are amaZIng!

One last thing before I go. I am going to tell you something. "There is only one of you. There will only ever be one of you and that makes you pretty damn special". ― Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Now I want to look into the mirror and read that again.

Think Positive

Together we will build the life of your dreams as you change your mindset, learn your why, all while regaining your health. 

Move More

Lack of fitness shatters hope, cripples dreams, and stifles relationships robbing you of the joy in life every human being is designed to own. 

Eat Better

Change your life one BITE at a time! Weather you need a whole diet makeover or just a tweak here and there the Healthy Eating Every Day approach is for you. 

Feel AmaZing

Anyone can achieve massive change without massive upset. Making one small choice at a time through a sequence of easy-to-follow steps will help YOU build a life that is more productive, more fulfilling, and more meaningful. 

Are you going through the motions thinking this is as good as it gets, but know deep down there is so much more?
Together we will build the life of your dreams as you change your mindset, learn your why all while regaining your health.
Work with Trainer Dane

The Art of Living an AmaZing Life

We aren't any different than the average couple. As we dated we ate, drank and danced without much thought other than loving, growing and sharing life together. Well the sharing life together decision took some time.

We shared life, food and drink as the pounds added up. It got to the point  where not moving, panting, less loving and living were not what we'd signed up for.

Sound familiar? It does to me. Wow!!! 

Turn the clock to June 2016 and we took control. We took charge. We were "mad as as hell and not going to take it anymore!"

We joined hands and stood side-by-side as two, living as one. When we joined together we knew we would be unstoppable. Was it going to be easy, NO, but we were made to do hard things!! Damn it!!!!

We needed help. We needed guidance. We needed love. We needed to a part of something bigger than us. We may have been a bit needy, but when you attempt something new and bold having unconditional love and support cheering you through the ups and downs helps you stay the course when you're ready to say "screw it!" You learn that when you make one good choice the next one becomes easier, not easy, but easier.

We are ready to share the rest of the story and now pay it forward. We started with what's in it for us and now our growth and fulfillment happens when we lead with a servants ❤️ and give back to you with unconditional love and support.

Live the life you have, while you live the life of your dreams! #DANEish

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An immersion of like minded people that think positively, move more, eat better and feel amaZing!

Inside you’ll develop a healthier mindset, healthy eating, exercise, inspirational thoughts through LIVE calls, Daily #DANEish and recorded content supporting your path to becoming amaZing.

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45 Days to AmaZing membership

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Guidance, support, encouragement, and accountability on each phase of your journey, from planning to implementation. Highly personalized attention for those who are committed to reaching their goals SOON, not “someday.”

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Educate, motivate and empower you to lifelong independent living. 


I am here to cure chronic disease and spread positivity.

Dane is a life coach that truly cares about your success. He is a positive coach that will guide you to a healthier lifestyle and then will not stop there, but will help you sustain that lifestyle. He will help you set reasonable goals and help you attack them. This is not the typical gym with workout machines. Dane personally helps you through each workout with advice and encouragement. Dane is very passionate about what he does and he will give you that gentle push you need to be the best person you can be.

-Christy H.

I cannot imagine a fitness professional more dedicated to improving the lives of others than Dane Boyle. His compassion and energy shine through in all his efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles. Whether it's one person at a time or on a larger scale, Dane shares his knowledge of and enthusiasm for helping people understand how being active, eating well, and living life.

⁃ H. Michelle Maloney, Acquisitions Editor at Human Kinetics

#DANEish is an understatement. Dane takes development to a different level. If you are considering your options in working towards a goal you def want the guidance from the compassionate and committed, Dane is that guy. Dane is the guy in your corner when nobody is watching and that is when it matters.

- Jerry S.

It would be my honor to be your coach”, he honestly means it. You won’t find anyone more positive, motivating, uplifting, or encouraging. He genuinely believes in you, even when you don’t. Dane provides the support you need while holding you accountable to ensure your success. He’s always there when you need him. If you need help achieving your wellness goals, look no further.

- Dionne Garner Nutrition LLC

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