Why should you try it?

First off I love this product, it tastes great and eliminates on decision I have to make daily as I set the time of day for when I am going to have a protein, fruit and veggie and vitamins for the day – it is to be consumed daily.

This product is a secret weapon.  This product helps your body with recovery after working out and keeps those cravings away.  This product keeps you on the course and is a great supplement to our Dream Academy.

Tonya has lost and and maintained a 30 pound weight loss while adding Shakeology to her daily routing.
Coach Boyle has lost 45 pounds since adding Shakeology to his daily diet.

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Shakeology is part of a healthy lifestyle. Coach Boyle includes Shakeology along with eating measured portions of vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and seeds and dressing with daily physical activity. This combination has allowed both this dynamic couple to lose and maintain 80 pounds of healthy weight loss and maintenance for over 18 months and counting.

When you order Coach Boyle will contact you to help you learn how Shakeology can be added to your daily routine.