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Congratulations to our Dane Boyle Fitness February Champion of the Month!  Travis has been a hard worker and dedicated Champion these past several months.  We are so excited to honor him this way.
February 2018 Dane Boyle Fitness Champion Travis P.
Our conversation with Travis…
Why did you start working out? 
I started this journey to get myself in better physical condition and learn new ways of working out. I was going to local gyms, but found I wasn’t making much progress.
How did you find out about Dane Boyle Fitness? 
My Mom. She was working out with Dane and found him through a networking group.
What is it like working with Dane? 
Imagine Hammy The Squirrel (From Over The Hedge, jacked up on energy drinks), mixed with Tony Robbins, and Billy Blanks from Tae Bo. He’s always upbeat, personable, and knowledgeable about fitness. I’m usually early to the studio and we get a few moments to just converse about life. Once the music comes on, it’s GO TIME, until the last “rawar rawr rawr” (that’s the sound we hear when we’re done and it’s been a running joke for our group.)
 Why do you keep going; what is your focus and motivation?
For me, it’s to be able to effectively do my dream job and to grow old like my Grandfather did. He was in his 90’s and still would workout and do yoga until the day he passed. Growing up he would be hitting the streets for his morning run at 0500.
What tips of the trade help you the most? 
Watching what and how much you eat, it key! Cannot express that enough! I, myself have learned that first hand since working out with Dane. I was down almost 20lbs prior to the holidays. I didn’t keep track of what I was eating. Along with less meal prepping, I gained 7 lbs over the holidays.   Also making an effort to show up, some days are really hard and you just do NOT want to be there. That’s when you NEED to go. It may not put all your effort in, but some is better than none. Keep in mind, once you’ve skipped once, it’s easy to skip another time. MAKE IT A HABIT!
What are your new goals?
1) My goals are to lose 30 lbs by November.
2) To do the San Antonio 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb twice this year.
3) Continue meal prepping and be more diligent with my meals.
4) Become a paid firefighter by the end of 2018.
Favorite inspirational quote?
When you shoot for the moon and miss, you will still be among stars.
-Les Brown
Favorite workout? 
My personal favorites are the ones, with just Dane and I. I tend to dig a little deeper, we connect and try to solve the world’s problems. These range from circuit, to taking a long walk around town, finding hiking trails or doing stairs until my legs fall off.
Join Travis and become a Dane Boyle Fitness Champion online or in our exclusive training studio in Gruene, Texas. Let’s talk.