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I had an epiphany today. Writing and talking fitness can be boring and I think that sometimes I just sound like Charlie Browns’ parents.

What is interesting is why living a fit life is important to me, why now in my 50’s it’s more important than ever. What am I doing, how am I doing it and what crazy bullshit runs through my head?

Last night I threw out an idea to start a FB Live series or podcast called Beer and Business. Why not? Isn’t that exactly what happens after every conference?

Racecation NOLA 2014

What about Racecations? What are they? Well I am about to tell you and Destination Racecation 1 of 2018 is New Orleans.

How and why would I wake up at 4am, go to bed at 930pm and do it all over again the next day and work 7 days a week, when I could punch a clock, make a decent living, earn PTO and worry a shit ton less about $? Could I do that at almost 51 years old if I wasn’t healthy?

It’s time to share my life, hopes and dreams beyond the gym, so to speak.

It’s funny because years ago one of my sisters said the biggest thing that would hold me back was my education. I didn’t really understand what she meant. I think today I figured it out. Understanding and change takes time. She meant that I was taught to do things in a certain scientific way and so have potentially millions of others, but what those millions haven’t done is experienced life in the way I have. No one has and no one ever will. That gives me a unique perspective on fitness, life, health, love, dreams and so much more.

It’s time for me to dream, write and share. My hope is that you’ll see yourself somewhere in my stories, because I am no different than you are. I have made poor decisions. I have made good decisions. I leave my clothes on the floor when the laundry basket is only a few feet away. I forget to call my mom. I don’t always want to exercise. I drink to much coffee (not sure that is really possible). I don’t tell those I love that I love them enough. I don’t have the type of relationship I dreamed of with my children. I’d like drink a beer with you. I would like to hear your dreams. I’d like you to share your scars with me. I’ll share mine with you. I want you to know it’s all right to cry. I want you to know sometimes life is hard, but you were made to do hard things. I want you to know you have a story and there is someone out there that needs to hear it.

Thank you for grabbing a little #DANEish today. It’s not polite not to share, so be sure to share your #DANEish with someone today.

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