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We are so proud to announce that Tammy Bridges is our Dane Boyle Fitness January Champion of the Month!  Let’s learn more about this amaZing Champion and see why Dane chose her this month.
Why did you start?  I started working with Dane to get healthy.
How did you find out about Dane Boyle Fitness?  I found out about Dane through a friend on Facebook
What is it like working with Dane? It’s awesome, positive and fun!
Why do you keep going; what is your focus and motivation?  My focus and motivation is getting stronger and being healthy as I get older.
What tips of the trade help you the most? The biggest things that help me are consistency, getting the exercise done early , and the meal ideas/planning.
What are your new goals? I want to continue to get fit and lose 30 pounds.
Favorite inspirational quote?  “Wake Up, Show Up and Kick A**”
Favorite workout? TRX and circuit workouts
Thanks Tammy and congratulations!!!