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We aren’t any different than the average couple. As we dated, we ate, drank and danced without much thought other than loving, growing and sharing life together. Well, the sharing life together decision took some time!
Anyway, as we shared life, food and drink, the pounds added up. It got to the point where not moving, panting, less loving and living were not what we’d signed up for. 
Why does this happen?
  1. Partners do things together
  2. In a loving marriage, spouses want to please each other
  3. In a loveless marriage, people eat out of frustration
  4. Pregnancy happens 
  5. Wasting food is a waste
  6. Certainty and comfort pack on the pounds 
Any of this sound familiar? It does to me. Wow!!! What an eye opener.
Turn the clock to June 2016 and we took control. We took charge. We were “mad as as Hell and not going to take it anymore!” 
We joined hands and stood side-by-side as two, living as one. When we joined together we knew we would be unstoppable. Was it going to be easy, NO, but we were made to do hard things!! Damn it!!!!
We needed help. We needed guidance. We needed love. We needed to a part of something bigger than us. We may have been a bit needy, but when you attempt something new and bold having unconditional love and support cheering you through the ups and downs helps you stay the course when you’re ready to say “screw it!” You learn that when you make one good choice the next one becomes easier, not easy, but easier.
We are ready to share the rest of the story and now pay it forward. We started with what’s in it for us and now our growth and fulfillment happens when we lead with a servant’s ❤️ and give back to you with unconditional love and support.
With that we’d like to invite you change your mind, body and spirit with us. Join us in our FREE introductory group and join our journey. t