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Most weekday mornings I rise an hour before I actually need to get ready to lead, dream and do. I grab a few sips of coffee, call out to Dodger to get her leash, she sits by her kennel while waiting for me to finish tying my shoes and grab my hat, I pat here on her back, slide the lead leash into place, open the front door and tell Siri to set the alarm for 10 minutes from that moment that we head out the door. This has become our routine. We head out for a 20 minute minute walk, this isn’t an exercise designed as exercise, it’s a cleanser of the mind. It’s time to get some blood flowing through our veins. It’s time for me to plug in and listen to my daily personal development. Everyday I invest in my soul first. I invest in the unwavering love of my dog, my early morning companion that could care less what time it is. As our walks and routine fill both our souls I looked at Dodger today as she was panting and sitting on the tile floor in our living room and my big smile grew bigger. I knew at that moment that Dodger had been teaching me about life without saying a word.

Nonverbal communication is so loud it makes my ears ring. 

Lessons from Dodger:
1. Always be glad the day has come
2. Always be ready to go
3. Never stop exploring
4. Greet people with pure joy
5. Splash in as many puddles as possible
6. Never complain about the weather
7. You don’t have to go fast in order to enjoy the moment
8. Slow down and smell the flowers
9. Sometimes rolling in the grass just feels good
10. The moment I am in is the most important moment
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