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I come from a family where we celebrate with both food and drink. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, promotions, births, deaths, Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s with food and booze. So pretty much any reason to eat a burger, sausage, cake or ice cream all washed down by an ice cold beer or 10. Can you relate?

It’s not that life isn’t to be celebrated, but at what cost? At some point we decided that celebrating life by honoring our bodies was worth celebrating. Together we made the choice to rethink our unconscious celebratory and daily choices. We realized that we had lost control of our choices and dreams for that matter. We dreamt of regaining our health and dreams. We knew that if we wanted something different, we had to do something different.

We began our new journey quietly, not truly believing we would succeed. We’d had tried and failed so many times before. We’d bought into all of the false hope as we know many of you have too. Every failed attempt at living a healthier, happier, more spirited life takes a little of your soul. It hurts and who wants to sign up for hurt again? Not me!!!

Well we knew we had to get over our fear of hurt and lost hope and we found online an accountability group that embraced us, coached us and loved us right where we were and we haven’t looked back. Do you know what an accountability or challenge group is? Have you ever been enveloped, loved and encouraged for who you are? Have you ever fallen and no matter how many missteps you have taken there was someone there to dust you off, lend a hand and help you up?

It’s now our turn to dust you off, lend a hand and tell you, “we love you” and that you are loved for who you are and that no matter how scared and how much hurt you’ve experienced that it’s time to grab our hands and take control of your life!

Dreams are worth chasing!!

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