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“What about the the time you realized you can do just about anything?”

Each day we rise with a purpose to impact the lives of all those we meet. We lead with our heart, we listen, we coach, we dream and we watch. We can not do the work for anyone, we can not sweat for you, but what we can do is encourage and help you remain focused. With a mission to lead our Champions to obtain long-term sustainable health we know that there ins’t a finish-line. So, when one doubts themselves or doesn’t feel that they see “visible” results we say things like, “everyday will be a challenge”, “what you don’t see is how you heart, mind and soul are changing”,  we might say, “it’s all right to want the scale to move when it doesn’t, but what’s not all right is to put all of your success on the scale.” “What about the time that you dominated your luggage on your last trip?” “What about the time you conquered the stairs without even giving them a second thought?” “What about the time you went to the doctor and she reduced your medication?” “What about the time you were on vacation and walked to your next stop without even considering catching and Uber?” “What about the the time you realized you can do just about anything?”

21 Day Fix Success with Coach Boyle and Melissa D’Avanzo

The picture on the left was one of my starting pictures at Dane Boyle Fitness in April. The picture on the right was from this morning’s workout(August 2, 2017) with Dane Boyle Fitness. Since April I have lost 15 pounds overall. At the end of my 21 days I lost 5 of those 15 pounds. I am not only changing on the outside but, I am also changing on the inside. I am learning new ways to eat, to move and to think. I am not always perfect. I misstepped on the last day of my 21 Day Fix but, I learned from it and have moved on. In the past I would have dwelt on that misstep and allowed myself to lose sight of what I would like to achieve. The 21 Day Fix app has helped me to keep focus day to day by helping me keep track of exercise and what I eat. Exercising at Dane Boyle Fitness keeps me accountable to someone. Then there is the added benefit of I enjoy it. I held a one minute forearm plank today. What, who would’ve thought that would have ever been possible!!! Coach Boyle encourages, pushes, makes me think and move all in one exercise session. Then there are the women I workout alongside of. I appreciate them so much! They do not even realize how much they have mentored me from suggesting on how to put my hair up, where to get workout clothes, what kind of workout clothes to get, and being friendly and welcoming. I still have a long way to go and I figure it will take me a year to get to as Coach Boyle says, “long term, sustainable health”. I am already better, stronger and healthier then I was! ? – Melissa D’Avanzo

Congratulations Melissa!  You are what a champion is all about.  We love having you be a part of the Dane Boyle Fitness CommUNITY!

We salute all those that know that this journey is simple, but not easy and that if you want something different you must do something different.

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