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We are so proud to introduce a special group of people that are truly Champions.  Welcome the Dane Boyle Fitness Champion of the Month!

Our first ever Champion of the Month is Eric Winkenwerder.  Eric has been active online and working hard as a Dane Boyle Fitness Champion.  Wink is our first online Champion! He is diligent about posting his daily food log and his sweaty selfies.  I always enjoy seeing his face on our Facebook pages and inspiring all of us in our health journey.

Eric Then
Eric Now

My Chief Cheerleader Annie called Wink to interview him for our announcement.  She couldn’t get a hold of him because he was finishing up his workout!!!  Now that is commitment!

Congratulations Eric!  Dane is so proud of you and wants to feature all of your success as the August Champion of the Month.  

What is your total weight loss this past year?  Total Weight loss so far:  30 pounds,  now at 180 pounds.

Why did you start?  Started feeling a little bit heavy and slow and I needed to make a change. I am getting older and I want to be there for my family.  I want to be a good example for my family.   I was looking at the Beachbody stuff and started Focus T25.  Dane introduced me to Shakeology and helped me get focused on what next steps to take.

How did you find out about Dane Boyle Fitness?  Contacted him to help me get focused and watching my plan and how I could get fit and lose weight more successfully.

What is it like working with Dane?  Coach Boyle and I used to teach and coach together. He helped me teach with my science classes.  Dane started as a trainer on the football team and then moved up and became a Coach.

Why do you keep going; what is your focus and motivation?  I want to be a positive example to my family.  I want to show my son that I can be busy with life and still find time to work out.  I want him to see that he can be busy with school and can still find time.  If he struggles in something, I want him to see that he can keep going and keep getting up.

What tips of the trade help you the most?   Staying focused, goal oriented, doing the best you can and sometimes you fail and that’s okay.  Try to follow the plan as you much as you can.  Keeping cognizant of what I’m doing.  Focus.

What are your new goals?  Keep maintaining, stay on track, stay where I am.  I want to be a positive role model for my family and be a good inspiration to them and perhaps they will come along with me.

Favorite inspirational quote?  What motivates me?

The fear of being AVERAGE!

Favorite workout?  The 21 Day Extreme is pretty good, I like the weight lifting and speed of it.  I had the most results from that so that one may be my favorite.

Wink, we are proud to call you a Dane Boyle Fitness Champion!!!

To learn more and become a Dane Boyle Fitness Champion click here. What’s the best that can happen?