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Stop the truck! Seriously, stop right now! We’ve got something to say…

Have you ever gotten caught up in the everyday things, the minutiae, the things that don’t really matter and then turned around and realized you feel like crap. You had no focus. What happened to me? Where did I go? Where have my dreams gone? Is this how I want to live the rest of my life? Well we did! 

While sitting in a fantastic restaurant in San Francisco in April 2016 sipping some absolutely fantastic wine from the Napa Valley Tonya and I looked to each other and said “we have got to take care of ourselves”, but the stress of now having a brick and mortar Dane Boyle Fitness location, combined with Tonya’s first Achilles tendon surgery(at this point we didn’t know there be a second one in the future) We had put our health and dreams on the back burner! It was at this moment that we knew that nothing  something had to change!

Before anything else happened from this day forward we had to come first! We had to feel good emotionally, physically and spiritually!  From this day forward we came first!

Who else has been guilty of putting everything else first before their health?

We’ll just go ahead and raise my hand first since we’ve absolutely been there ?? 
✅ Answering e-mails instead of making lunch.
✅ Staying up far too late to do “one more thing”
✅ Skipping workouts for calls/webinars/anything else work related.

✅ Drinking to cope with the stress of day/life or for any other reason just to grab a cold one
✅ Eating #allthejunk to cope with the emotional roller coaster of we call life

A little over a year ago, we finally made the decision to break the habit.  

We had to raise our level of awareness and be leaders on the forefront of a revolution, the healthy revolution.  

And what happened?

✨ We have set a regular sleep routine, making us better humans to all

✨ Tonya has now had a second Achilles tendon surgery, and running again
✨ Dane has trained for and completed his third marathon

✨ We have grown our business

✨ Added coaches to our team

✨ A constant flood of new ideas to continue to serve my tribe

✨ Weight loss(almost 80 pounds combined) and feeling in control again
✨ Unapologetically dreaming again

If you don’t think focusing on YOU and your health first matters…. you may want to rethink that.  

Because the truth is, NOTHING matters without your health. ?

We are looking for 6 AMAZING people to join us this month in our online challenge and accountability group. We want to walk with you hand in hand as you begin to regain your health, we’ll focus on learning how to dream again. Dreams have no expiration date! 

What’s the best that can happen?

Contact us at dane@daneboyle.com