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As my miracle mornings continue I want to share part of a conversation I had yesterday.  Here is a picture and

Facebook status of a friend of mine from yesterday – Diabetes!! Neuropathy!!! Gotta change!!! “Do it or die!!! Not a cry out!! But call out to myself!!!” I always support anyone that is trying to improve their health, but what gets me is all of the unsolicited free advice on how to accomplish punching diabetes in the face, preventing or reversing neuropathy. Things like go Paleo, Crossfit is where it’s at, go vegan brother, you got this (always my favorite) and many many more.

Is any of the advice wrong? No, not really, but none of the advice gets to the root cause of how John got here. It doesn’t address the actions taken over the past several decades, the decisions that lead him to having an elevated A1C, neuropathy, being an unhealthy body weight and having been sedentary for many years. So the answer isn’t “just do this”; it’s about having a conversation about how the unhealthy behaviors for decades lead him to where he is today. It’s about setting out on a lifetime journey for sustainable actions for a lifetime that will allow him to remain independent and drug-free for a lifetime.

There comes a time when how fast you run to first base no longer matters. What matters is doing what you want, pain free, for a lifetime. – DANEish

So what are some of the questions I would as as my friend starts out on this journey?

  • How will your life benefit from achieving this goal?
  • How will your life change by achieving this goal?
  • When you achieve this goal, how will you feel?
  • If you didn’t achieve this goal, how would you feel?
  • What would you miss in life if you didn’t achieve this goal?

Now none of this says walk on the treadmill, each X food, but what it does is start to set a vision of how life can be or won’t be depending on the choices he makes. As we get to the root benefits of achieving his goals and consequences if the goal(s)  aren’t met then he can set forth on a lifetime journey to better emotional and physical health.

It’s time to look deeper and know that long-term sustainable health is so much more than just sweat on the floor.

It’s time to make healthy the norm – It’s Time Texas

It’s time to go to the next level, Dane Boyle Fitness.