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Me – “Good morning coach, how are you?”

Coach – “Everyday is a great day!”

This simple conversation went on almost everyday for 2 years. I  began a new career at 33 years old and I was about to embark on a journey that would forever change my life. I would begin to surround myself with goal-oriented, driven people that  would help me create my vision for a better world. In the process I would begin to develop my vision, my hopes, my dreams and during this time and every day forward I began to develop what is now what I call DANEish.

DANEish is my thoughts, my dreams, my vision condensed in short sayings and phrases that I hope carry messages that are far greater than what I can write in 140 charters. I was challenged recently to begin to share DANEish with you. I was challenged to lay it all on the line and let the chips fall where they may. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you – DANEish. It’s time to put DANEish into action.

DANEish 101

5 keys to success

  1. Everyday is a great day
  2. Goal-oriented people find ways
  3. Go with goal-oriented people
  4. Extra effort is the key to success
  5. Never waste a heartbeat

My 5 keys to success are the foundation for DANEish. These are the 5 keys that were taught to me and shared with me for 2 years. I heard them everyday. I said them everyday and I am now sharing them with you. I challenge you to learn the 5 keys to success, say them out loud everyday, share them with someone everyday and print them out where you can see them everyday. Comment here to let me know that you have accepted the DANEish Challenge and then send me a picture showing me that you have printed the 5 keys to success or perhaps you will hand write them in a notebook, maybe you’ll take your black eyeliner and write them on the mirror in your bathroom. Send your pictures to Subject: DANEish

It makes no difference how you do it. What matters is that you do it!!!! – DANEish

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