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Yesterday I read a beer can. For those that know me personally they wouldn’t find this odd. They might actually just smile or think this wasn’t the first time this guy opened a beer, but tonight my beer can read, “not your average Joe”. That made this beer different.

Why would a beer can make me think? Because I don’t want to be “your average Joe”. I want to stand out among the crowd. I want my team to lead people to live healthier more fulfilled lives. I want EVERYONE we are privileged to meet and work with to find fulfillment in life through living healthier. I believe that ANYONE can live a healthier life. I believe ANYONE can take control of their health. I believe as a life coach that we can guide people to make healthier decisions. We don’t make the decisions for people we guide them to make the right decisions for themselves.

But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have – America

Having your health makes ANYTHING possible. It’s not having 6-pack abs. It’s not having the body you see on magazine covers. It’s being able to do what you want to, when you want to. If one’s dream is to dance at their 50th wedding anniversary we hope to help them make it so. If someone says I want to live the last part of my life healthy and have my “husband’s back” in our later years then we WANT to be there. If that dream turns to looking cancer in the face and saying “F!@# YOU” then we are that team. If their dream is to walk a 5k then we are that team. If their dream is not “feel old” then we are that team. If their dream is to run a marathon in order to have some sense of control in their life then we are that team. If their dream is to run a 2nd marathon in order to discover how strong they are as well as find out their purpose in life then we are that team. If we never meet you and our blog, Tweets(@daneboyle) or Facebook posts make you think if she can do it why can’t I? If a picture we post of the man in the kilt makes you realize that you don’t have to be an Olympian to call yourself a marathoner then we have succeeded in our goal of igniting a healthy revolution.

We will not and can not continue to do things the way they have been done in the past. It’s not working. The world is becoming more unhealthy by the minute. We want to pay it forward. What does that mean? It means if we say or do something that lights your fire to be more active today than yesterday we will smile from ear to ear and then if you invite someone to join you then we would love to give you a virtual high 5. If this party of 2 turns into a party of 3 and then 4 and so on look then look at the difference and influence we can have. It starts with you believing you can live a healthier life no matter where you are on that paradigm right NOW?

So, maybe we will be a little quirky. Maybe we wear our emotions on our sleeves. Know that we will not do it like the other guys. We will lead by example. We will be here to encourage behavior change, educate, empower, inspire and provide accountability. That may all sound a bit like academia speaking, but what we mean is we will be here with tough love, an encouraging word and a positive word even on the darkest days.

NO ONE ever said it would be easy, actually sometimes it’s going to be hard DAMN HARD. – Dane Boyle


We don’t intend to be your “average Joe” and you shouldn’t either. #IgniteLife and spark a healthy revolution!!!