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We have said that it may start as a journey to change the outside, but it won’t take long to learn it all starts on the inside. Today I am beginning my day with a new personal development book: The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly.

The rythm of life

In The Rhythm of Life, Matthew Kelly exposes the lifestyle challenges and problems that face us in this age obsessed with noise, speed, and perpetual activity. Kelly’s message rings out with a truth that is challenging and unmistakably attractive.

Who you become is infinitely more important than what you do or what you have. Are you ready to meet the best version of yourself?


What are you reading? How are you developing yourself. The more you invest in yourself the more value you bring to yourself and to the world.

Start your day with 10 minutes day with personal development. It will change your day and ultimately change your life. #ignitelife

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