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Someone asked us today to tell them more about our on-line partnership with Beachbody, so we did? We think they were asking to see if we really believed in our partnership. 

Emphatically the answer is YES!

So we thought we’d share with everyone ?

I begin my journey to lose a few pounds and change on the outside… but what I found was it’s really about a whole lot MORE and I was amazed at my own transformation from the inside out.

I became a coach from day and one because it was the most affordable way to try 21 Day Fix a Beachbody program. I bought a challenge pack. I  was a challenger in a group using the programs and products and saw great results ( I lost 22.5 pounds and 26 inches my first 90 days) so signed up as a coach purely for the discount and I thought if I don’t like it there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

People started to see the changes and close friends started commented on how good Tonya and I look and sounded, meaning our outlook on life was more vibrant than it usually is. It should have been  natural for me to just share what I was doing. Just like when you love a restaurant or book or movie, but it took time for us to talk about us. We hadn’t ever shared our healthy journey with anyone, but then we thought we can’t ever keep our joy and transformation to ourselves. So we have began to share what we  love ?! We began asking people to join our journey.  

Soon we saw I saw the potential this would have on Dane Boyle Fitness, so i just dove into training, learning from others, asking questions and we are now headed to our first Beachbody event in October 2016.  Hey, did I mention that I have was asked to speak at the even too? It was such an emotional and informational experience.

dane and tonya vb

I started just as me , now Tonya is a coach too and our team is growing. One thing that is awesome even 2 of my high school coaching peers are coaching on our Beachbody Team too. Our team is growing, we are igniting a healthy revolution and I love and look forward to growing more each and everyday .

Tips for new coaches, new challengers and really anyone going for a goal is don’t get stuck on instant gratification or seeing your business boom right away… takes time, commit to being here in a year on whatever journey your on…. if you take joy in the journey and know your doing this no matter what…. the bumps in the road won’t phase you nearly as much !

If you want to take a look at more about coaching and how YOU can do it too all by committing to working on being the best you then click here or comment below and I’ll add you to our coaching sneak peek group to learn more 🙂

June 2016 - October 2016
June 2016 – October 2016