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Anything is possible with your health. Dane Boyle Fitness has a vision to help lead a healthy revolution through education, motivation and empowerment. We are looking for soldiers on the ground to lead the revolution with us. We will empower you to lead face-to-face and by using the global tools of the internet. You can help lead this revolution by example and social mentorhship. We have the tools to help you dream and live a healthier lifestyle while guiding you to help others. This can not be a mission lead by few. It MUST be a mission of many.

Join us in leading a healthy revolution

The revolution begins with the belief that anything is possible with your health. Next, we team up to let the world know that a grass roots team of healthy revolution soldiers has taken it upon themselves to empower others to take charge of their lives through making educated choices. Let’s make health, fitness and wellness FUN. That’s right we can laugh, play, dance, walk, run, create great food and experience life.


Email us, message us on Facebook, call, to learn more and to be a soldier on the ground leading the healthy revolution.

Be on our team! Be a leader! Lead by example! Dream of a healthier more positive commUNITY! We do!

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