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dbf qutoe any factOver the weekend we watched a movie and the moral of the story was that the human spirit lives. That moment made us realize that we don’t just promote health and fitness. We promote the joy of the human spirit. That spirit and joy is unattainable without your health. That is where we come in. We are the wind in your sails. We are the push when need a  push. We are the encouraging word when you need a voice to say, “it’s all right, some days are better than others”. We are the phone call, text, email, inspirational meme at just the right moment.

We are the one’s that help identify the little things you are doing well and encourage you to make them big things. We are not trainers we are motivators, life coaches. We are real people that appreciate the sun, cold, wind, good food, good drink, better friends, meeting people, talking to strangers, opening doors, congratulating people for a job well done, slowing down on our journey to encourage someone to finish theirs, we are the one’s on the sidelines applauding you when you cross the finish-line, we are the one’s telling you that age is just a number, we are silly, we are serious, but behind it all we are real. We know how to maintain our health, we know how to help you regain yours.

It’s not a job. It’s a calling.

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