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You just bought a new car. Congratulations! You will maintain it to give you peak performance guaranteeing your warranty. You’re not a mechanic, nor do you play on TV. However, you have an owner’s manual and you know you can always refer to it for a basic plan to guide you in the care of your new prized possession. Ah, smell that new car smell, dig that sleek sexy style, you never want to lose that look and feel of power as you cruse through life.

To gain better understanding of your role in the management of your new car you seek help from those qualified to facilitate better understanding of your responsibilities. The long-term quality and performance of your car depends on it. It is an expensive and necessary tool that adds quality and sustainability to your lifestyle, while it can be replaced you want it to last as long as possible, offering you dependable and safe operation.

Your body is for life. There is no trade in and no replacement. Are you prepared to care for the most important tool you own?

Without your health nothing else matters

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Your dependence on your doctor and the health care system is all you have. Where is your owner’s manual and where is the professional shop you go to for routine maintenance? Let Dane Boyle Fitness show you the way to better living through our lifelong daily healthy management course. Then you along with your car will cruse though life with confidence and style.

Your opportunity to live life fully with joy of planned movement and guilt free enjoyable eating is here. Dane Boyle Fitness is now offering our premier education program called Healthy Living Every Day. This is the prescription to lifelong healthy living. This is a prescription your pharmacy can’t fill. The best part is it’s a self-management program where you develop sustainable lifelong skills that set you up for success. Our educated and certified facilitators will teach you how to make personal informed healthier choices. Over time you will be liberated from failed quick fix diets of the past.

Learn to “make a plan” for movement, shopping, menu creation, and balanced eating, with all the foods you like. You will learn to modify only the part of your eating plan that leads you to better health. Gradually, over our 20 week program, you will learn that all foods are acceptable in proper balance and portion sizes. You will understand “food synergy” and how fueling your body properly with all the correct nutrients will keep you running like a fine tuned automobile. Your body will reward you long-term just like your vehicle with proper, and timely, educated maintenance. You will have an “owner’s manual” to guide you through this program, yours to keep, as well as online education tools.

As you learn healthier eating practices we will also lead you to an understanding of the proper movement plan. You will learn how to develop a plan that has you moving safely in your own environment. As your body begins to “run” better with proper care you chose you will begin to live life fully and dream again.

What is Healthy Living Eery Day?

We have combined Healthy Eating Every Day and Active Living Every Day to allow you the best opportunity to succeed. Both courses are based on longitudinal research studies completed by the Cooper Clinic.

Course taught by 3 certified certified facilitators

Our premiere educational offering includes:

  • Book
  • On-line tools
  • 26 sessions: 5 – 4 week educational sessions, 6 – monlthy support group sessions
  • Limited seating
  • Small student teacher ratio

When: Start date Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Time: 10:00 am
Duration: 1 hour

  • Dane Boyle Fitness Studio
  • 940 West San Antonio Street, New Braunfels, Texas 78130

Contact us 708.762.DANE(3263)

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