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I woke up this morning thinking nothing else matters!

Why has our team chosen to lead the healthy revolution though educational courses, one-one-coaching(more than just personal training), duo and group coaching? The answer is simple: NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

Nothing matters without your health!

The big box gyms have lost sight of you. Where is the connectivity? Where is the sense of commUNITY? We are building unity and commUNITY with every interaction we are privileged to have.

The traditional approach isn’t the answer. Do you have a gym membership? How often do you use it? Do you have a plan and purpose the few times you do enter the gym? Did you execute your plan? Dane Boyle Fitness sets you up for success by scheduling times and dates that work for you. YOU will get it done today!

YOU will never make a better and more profitable investment than when you invest in yourself.

Help us help you by joining our commUNITY today.

The Dane Boyle Fitness Community 

ss thumbs up TJ and Kayla Dane and crew turkey trot

Let us help you:

  • Achieve your personal goals
  • Be a sounding board when exploring new options
  • Be motivational mentors
  • Give you unconditional support
  • Give you a wakeup call and a reality sandwich
  • Design and create a more productive life
  • Be a beacon during stormy times

Yes, it is work. Yes, it takes time. Yes, there will be hurdles you will have to jump. The key is having a solid support system. We are that system. This is a NO judgement zone. This is giving YOU the tools to succeed.

Be the first in our brand new fitness studio(more coming soon about this).

Call us today to schedule your start to 2016. Taking appointments NOW!


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