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The healthy revolution is building momentum one interaction, one step one day at a time. There is no going back. Let’s change the  world together! Join us in group personal training, one-on-one training or by registering for our premier course Healthy Living Every Day (registration information coming soon).

Be a part of something BIG! Something bigger than yourself. Be a part of a growing commUNITY of people that want to live healthier happier lives. The only one that make the changes you dream of is you. Allow yourself to join like minded people and be coached to understand the value of living a healthier lifestyle. Live life independently for a lifetime.

Call us at 708.762.DANE to learn more. Follow Dane Boyle Fitness  on Facebook.

“No serious sportsman or woman would expect to get very far in their chosen sport without a coach. To succeed, athletes need someone who can guide them towards their personal best.” In business you would study models of success and expect to take professional help courses. Even enjoying your hobbies one would seek out “how to” classes or trainings to get better at art, cooking, quilting, music or whatever pastime you chose to pursue.