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We have been talking about what Healthy Living Every Day (HLED) is so we wanted to let you know how the 20-week course rolls out. We build on information weekly and we are here to help you understand and succeed day-by-day.

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We understand life is a balance. Staring now will be the best commitment you will ever make.

20 HLED sessions are as follows:

Session 1: Healthy Eating: A Balancing Act

Session 2: Taking Stock

Session 3: Setting Goals and Rewarding Yourself

Session 4: Identifying Barriers and Benefits

Session 5: Tackling Triggers

Session 6: Eating Out

Session 7: Talking to Yourself

Session 8: Healthy Shopping Strategies

Session 9: Recruiting Support

Session 10: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Session 11: Getting Back on Track

Session12: Cooking Up a Healthy Diet

Session13: Dietary Supplements and Fad Diets

Session14: Balancing Calories with Physical Activity

Session 15: Controlling Weight

Session 16: Managing Time and Stress

Session 17: Staying Motivated

Session 18: Eating in a Changing World

Session 19: Planning Ahead

Session 20: Celebrating Success

In order to give our students the best chance to succeed we are limiting the available spaces in our classes. Stay tune on how to secure your seat to a healthier future.